Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Do not prioritize people to whom you are but an option."

-my friend Malena.

Quote passed down by my Father

"Les responsabilit├ęs ne se donne pas; elle se prennent."

Think about it.

snippet of a bhuddist conversation

man 1: "ah, niravana is bliss."
man 2: "but what do you mean that nirvana is bliss if it consists of the absense of sensation?"
man 1: "but it is the absense of sensation that is bliss."

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

o-m-g that's so 2000's

looking back at the defining looks of the decade.

1- the white trash

8- the cutesy/50s revival

3- the hippie/60s revival

2- the boho/70s revival

7- the out-of-this-world/80s revival/hooker look

4- the grunge/90s revival

5- the hipster/I just raided my grandmothers closet

6- the heroin-chic

9- eeemo

10- the henry holland/neon look

(above: henry with best friend agyness)