Sunday, February 6, 2011

Three Feminist Rants by the blogger 'appropriatelystressed'

.1. The murder of innocent women at a gym in Pennsylvania has alerted me to the existence of the pick up artist community. These are men who rant and moan about the unreasonable bitches who won't fuck them, and they share tips on how to trick women into their beds. Several men in this community expressed sympathy for the shooter -- women had rejected his offers of sex for 20 years, so it's understandable that he would shoot up a fitness class.

Just yesterday, a man said "Hey there gorgeous" as I passed him on the street. When I kept walking, he got angry and practically spat at me, "I said, hey there gorgeous!" I encounter this all the time. A stranger called me gorgeous, so I am expected to respond to this "compliment." If I don't respond, I am an ungrateful bitch, and the man is justified in feeling angry with me.

2. A family member recently told me that I should never walk home alone after dark. I responded, "If I stuck to that I would have an 8 p.m. curfew" -- and she insisted that I should have a man with me when I walk home. First, always walking with a male escort would be impossible. My male friends would have to take the train with me, walk 15 minutes to my apartment, then get back on the train. That's just unreasonable to ask of anyone. Besides, I am often out with a group of women.

But most importantly, I am an independent, autonomous adult, and I should be able to leave my apartment whenever I want. I know that women get harassed and assaulted in the city, but that isn't my fault. I shouldn't have to stay inside after dark, to avoid certain streets, or to watch what I wear because if I'm not careful, men will attack me. Men are responsible for their own behavior. I hate how our society places the responsibility on women, like I need to accept misogyny and be "responsible" by drastically restricting my movements after dark.

3. A professional athlete recently told the foreign press that American women are fat and ugly, and it's tragic that they don't "take care of themselves." His comments made me remember all of the times I have heard this phrase before, especially directed at fat women.

So, women who starve themselves and dress like prostitutes are taking care of themselves, while women who eat food and dress comfortably are not taking care of themselves.

In conclusion, fuck that. I will ignore men if I want. I will go out when I want. I will wear what I want. And I will eat what I want. So there

Amen sister.